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Your Speaking Career

If you want to grow your business or your thought-leader platform, there is no better way to expand your influence and change lives than through speaking.

While building a speaking career may feel intimidating, it doesn’t have to be.

With over twenty years in the professional speaking industry plus a career in acting and spokesperson work, Elle Zimmerman will help you launch your thought leader platform and expand your influence.

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Vanessa Kurtzer

“Elle kept my mind focused and kept me accountable in my transition to my next career.”

— Vanessa Kurtzer, Technical Recruiter - StarSource

Marlene Gordon

“Elle is an engaging and dynamic speaker! Her energy and positivity is infectious.”

— Marlene Gordon, Senior Vice President - Bacardi USA

Aris Yowell

“I learned a lot! You are a serious breath of fresh air.”

— Aris Yowell, Co-Founder - Love Bite

Carolyn LaMontagne

“Having Elle [speak at our event] was a stroke of brilliance! Great way to kick off the session, push us out of our comfort zones, and get ready for a wonderful experience.”

— Carolyn LaMontagne, Senior Director - Johnson & Johnson

Carlin H. Stamm

“Elle has an infectious high energy that engages and entertains while teaching actionable skills that last long after her presentation is over. Truly a hard act to follow.”

— Carlin H. Stamm, Founder and Principal - Foster Business Development