3 Secrets to How I Stay Creative (and Sane) as a “Mompreneur”

Posted on: Jul 17, 2019

Do you want to be more creative but feel like you’re lacking the time, space or energy?

Whether you’re balancing the demands of college or navigating the never-ending tasks of being a “mompreneur” (a woman who dares to be a mom and an entrepreneur)—it’s hard to find space for what brings you joy in addition to everything you have to do just to stay afloat.

My story involved way too much of me doing everything for everyone else—until I started implementing three unconventional strategies that help me keep my sanity and stay true to myself as a busy entrepreneur and a busier mom.

I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how I make it all happen on episode 9 of She Made It!

On this episode, you’ll get to hear:

  • A strategy to help you knock out tasks you don’t like (goodbye, laundry)
  • My secret to getting good ideas when I feel stuck (this is the total opposite of what most people say to do)
  • How I’ve learned to detach from the results when I create
  • How to free up space and time for what you really love
  • How I avoid getting sucked into the social media scroll
  • The story of when I did 50 performances in 50 weeks

Today’s episode is a solo episode because I wanted to take a quick break from interviews to give you tangible ways to integrate creativity and self-expression into your own life—no matter how full it may be.

This is all about giving you the freedom to figure out how you can live out your purpose.

I also love doing solo episodes because they allow me to share a little more of my story and my heart behind doing this podcast in the first place.

I’d be honored if you listened in!

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