5 Tips to Stand Center Stage

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  1. 1. Be Here, Now

    Being centered in the present moment creates a groundedness and confidence. As a young actress learning my craft, one of my first teachers shared the mantra: “I am…, I want…, I feel…” He taught me to breath and repeat each statement, filling in the blank, using this to refocus on what’s happening right here, right now.

    Action: Practice intentional breathing and use it as a transition tool. Take 3 deep breaths before walking into a meeting, before you hop out of bed in the morning, before eating a meal. Pay attention to how it slows you down and refocuses the moment.  Listen to a guided exercise.

  2. 2. Keep Your Instrument Tuned

    Your body is your instrument and can only support you if you take care of it.  Restful sleep, healthy eating, and consistent exercise allow you to exude a vibrancy and a feeling that leads to personal power.

    Actions: Incorporate a “wind down” ritual before bed to allow your body and mind to enter deep sleep easily.

    • Pick a day to eat only raw fruits and vegetables. It will have a detoxing effect which makes you feel lighter and more alert.

    • Choose to move–take the stairs, dance with your kids, even one hour a week of comfortable activity makes a difference.

  3. 3. Quiet the Critic

    When you start hearing that harsh review from the critic in your mind, stop! Take a breath and choose to be kind to yourself.  List off the good things that you’ve done.  Remind yourself that you don’t have to know everything right now.  It’s a process and it’s ok to be weak and scared.

    Actions: Stop the self-criticism!  Find three positive things to affirm in yourself.  Need a great resource on positive self-talk & affirmations?   Click here.

  4. 4. Get Comfortable with Rejection

    As an actress, I heard hundreds of “no’s” before I got one single “yes!”  It crushed me at first but I began exercising my “no muscle” embracing the “no’s.” Don’t let a “no” stop you. but instead, let it teach you, provide a new opportunity and get you one step closer to the next “yes.”

    Action: Try something daring that makes you feel a little scared and detach yourself from the results. The doing is more important than the outcome! Click to download wallpaper Share Tweet.

  5. 5. Accept the Applause

    Get comfortable standing center stage and graciously accepting the applause of your audience. It’s easy to brush off compliments and deflect the applause, listing off excuses why your success was a fluke and actually had nothing to do with your talents or efforts. But after you’ve done something worth recognition or praise, be ready to receive and enjoy it.

    Action: Pay attention to your compliments. Simply say “thank you” and then be quiet.

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