Are You A Consumer or a Creator?

Posted on: Aug 20, 2021

Ever stop and think about the balance in your life between doing, consuming, and creating?

If we’re not careful, we spend our days ‘doing’ (working, taking care of our kids, keeping the house clean) and our free time ‘consuming.’

Hello Netflix, Instagram, Tik Tok, podcasts…the list goes on. And hopefully, we squeeze a little self-care and exercise in between (and then try not to feel guilty in the process.)

Consuming feels good, like a reward for all the doing. And I am right with you—I love binge-watching the latest Netflix series. It is relaxing, entertaining, can be educational and inspirational… But the secret is if we over-consume, something ironic happens:

We fill up and start to feel empty.

This is why creating is vital to our life. It is the exhale to the consuming inhale. And we need both to breathe!

Creating expands us to be more, receive more, and live with more joy and fulfillment.

The other ironic thing is that the more you give, the more you get. (And I mean the kind of giving that comes from authentically sharing who you are with others, not the kind that takes responsibility for everyone else.)

This could look like…

  1. Writing to process your thoughts and feelings
  2. Painting or drawing
  3. Gardening
  4. Cooking or baking
  5. Playing an instrument
  6. Dancing like no one’s watching (even if they are!)
  7. Creating your own content to share on social media
  8. Planning a super fun party or event

How can you shift the balance from consuming to producing? What can you create today? What can you contribute?