Running Toward the Door

In the blink of an eye, life changes, and it’s often not until we look back that we realize how fast it has. It’s when we are stepping into the next stage of life that a … Read More

How do you see it?

There’s a word that keeps appearing in my tweets and Facebook feed and it sort of feels like a trendy buzzword being thrown around with other words such as grit, tenacity and mindset. It is RESILIENCE. … Read More

Drum roll please…

It’s Back! Pink Chandelier is returning for a relaunch event on September 27th…. You may have attended an event or heard the buzz about Pink Chandelier and the inspiring gatherings of creative women, entrepreneurs, artists, women … Read More

Challenge Yourself

Ever heard of Stella and Dot? It is an irresistible jewelry company whose mission is to give every women the means to style their own lives. I recently attended an event with Jessica Herrin, the CEO … Read More