Midlife is the New Middle School

I watched Eighth Grade written and directed by Bo Burnham this past weekend with Mirabelle, my daughter who has successfully survived middle school and is now navigating her next journey as a freshman in high school. Eighth Grade is about an introverted … Read More

A Perfectionist’s Surrender to Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is the antidote to so many negative feelings that we have toward ourselves. In my case, it was perfectionism. “You’re so intense.” “Slow down.” “How do you keep up with yourself?” “You have a ton of bandwidth.” “Yikes! Calm down.” I’ve … Read More

The Palette of Identity

Remember middle school? Or maybe junior high?  Chances are these times make you cringe as you recall the awkwardness, major body changes and social challenges you faced as you were “coming of age.”  (If you can’t relate, lucky you. Or perhaps you … Read More

The Healing Power of Creativity

If you think about it, art is non-essential. We don’t need it to survive—but we do need it to really live. Art can say what words can’t, heal us and expand our consciousness. As my kids begin another school year, I’m reminded again that … Read More

The Three Life-Altering Benefits of Journaling

From helping us remember our days to clearing our heads and transforming our spirits, the benefits of journaling are countless. I turned the final page of my journal which I had just filled and closed it. This journal, like the dozens I’ve … Read More

The Secret to Prioritizing Yourself

Not sure how to prioritize yourself? It doesn’t start with having more time—it starts with giving yourself permission. Last Saturday, I spent six hours in the morning driving my kids between the ACT, play practice, high school orientation, and the pool. Six. … Read More