The Secret to Prioritizing Yourself

Not sure how to prioritize yourself? It doesn’t start with having more time—it starts with giving yourself permission. Last Saturday, I spent six hours in the morning driving my kids between the ACT, play practice, high school orientation, and the pool. Six. … Read More

How My Inner Artist Came Out of Hiding

I have always felt like a visual artist in hiding. As a little girl, I felt drawn to creating with my hands. I was fascinated with details and the precision of my work. I made gifts for everyone, partially out of financial … Read More

Why I Need Community to be Creative

Last summer, I abandoned a creative project that I was really excited about.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized why: I needed community to be creative. Did the Road Runner ever crash?  Fall? Get smashed by a boulder? Not that I … Read More

Stop Trying To Stick to Something

How do you stick to something? My answer: I don’t, and I stop trying. Feel familiar? If you are like me, you are endlessly searching for the best diet, time management planner, or reminder app to keep on track.  Let it go! … Read More

Motherhood on Autopilot

I never thought I would experience motherhood on autopilot, until this happened. Recently, I shared a story with my team (I even hesitate to go on to share it with you here…gulp).  It’s about a hot, August day when something happened to … Read More

How to Make the Perfect Creative Space

Wondering how to make a creative space? The secret lies in noticing how environments affect you—and acting on it. This past summer, I spent two weeks subletting a friend’s apartment in NYC. Although I LOVE the city, the place I lived for … Read More

The Art of Consistency

Do you ask yourself why you can’t stay consistent? It’s time to say goodbye to perfectionism and hello to daily commitment. I’ll never forget a life-changing flight I took from Charlotte to San Diego. I was sitting next to two men traveling … Read More

Need Inspiration? Don’t Do Anything.

Need inspiration? Slow down and try being idle. Inspiration and creativity come when we make space. Today, I give you permission to do nothing. That’s right: absolutely nothing. Life in 2018 is filled with too many things that feel like doing nothing: … Read More

Wondering if There’s Something More?

Do you feel unsatisfied with life? Do you wonder if there’s something more? Think back to your childhood. What is your favorite memory? Is it something creative? Weaving flower crowns in your backyard? Finger painting? Writing a play and performing it with … Read More