How to talk about yourself

As an actress, my career by nature put my talents on display. But like many women, I am not always comfortable stepping forward and taking ownership for my own contributions, making the work I’ve done known … Read More

This blew me away!

The past two weeks I have experienced a once in a lifetime experience.   I dealt with United States Customs Border Patrol, the USDA, Port of New York Port Director, the Washington DC Program Director for … Read More

How to Avoid a Boring Life

I remember when my kiddos were little and days and days would go by feeling like I was in the movie, Groundhog’s Day, wearing the same clothes, doing the same thing.  (WAIT!  I was wearing the … Read More

Why I Can’t NOT Workout

Every morning I wake at 5 AM, head downstairs to my basement workout room, and spend the next 45-60 minutes exercising. I’ve been asked many times in the past how can I possibly rise that early?  How can I … Read More

Hang the Pictures

I am a perfectionist. (the first step is admitting it, right?) My desire to make everything the best it can be, to endlessly try to improve something, and to find solutions has made it possible for … Read More

Perfect Pitch

Did you know that the average person has an attention span of 7 seconds? And have you ever heard the saying, “you only get one chance to make a first impression?”  Yes and yes. There is … Read More