Caroline Greb on Transitioning Gracefully and Finding Yourself Again

Posted on: Mar 29, 2021

Who are you when you leave behind the thing that defined you? 

What is a mom when she becomes an empty-nester? 

Or a businesswoman when she takes a few years off to stay at home with her kids? 

Or an actress when Broadway closes?

(Hint: She’s still herself.)

So many of us have had to re-evaluate not only our lives but our identities in light of the pandemic.

We’ve had to learn to define ourselves by who we ARE even when everything that we DO fades away.

My next guest on She Made It knows a thing or two about having to take time off from what she loves, being stuck at home and having to re-find her creative spark. 

Caroline Greb is a fine artist now (you’ll hear how she got there on the episode!) but as a teenager, she began her career as a professional ballet dancer for the Sarasota ballet

After three years of dancing, she found herself recovering from a double-hip surgery, unable to dance and asking herself the age-old question:

Who am I now?

Her journey is an inspirational example of losing yourself,  finding yourself and creating what you were made to make. I’m thrilled to share it on episode 43 of She Made It! You’ll get to hear:

  • How stopping and taking time off could be the key to your next step
  • Keys to combat comparison and people-pleasing in your life and art
  • Why re-ordering your priorities and loves is a key to finding peace
  • What it means to “dabble” and why it’s so key in the creative process
  • Why we need to listen to our friends more—and how a friend’s words played a powerful role in Caroline’s journey

If you’re in the midst of a transition yourself, I’d love to share my free Guide to Graceful Transitions with you. Click here to access it. 

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