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My Kids are Growing Up, and So Am I

In the blink of an eye, life changes, and it’s often not until we look back that we realize how much it has. My kids are growing up. We’ve change. It’s when we are stepping into the next stage of life that … Read More

Do you have a yearning in your gut? I did…

Have you lost creativity and don’t know where to find it? Do you know you’re supposed to be doing something more but you don’t know what? Let’s uncover the reasons why. Maybe it’s nudging you; gnawing at you… it’s the dull ache … Read More

Are you curious what happened next?

In my last blog I shared the mystery of the painting man…. read about it here: “I might’ve just been scammed.”  The tale continues… On Monday morning, I got a call at 9:05 am from my painter—the bank will not cash the … Read More

How to Build Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is the ability to recover or rebound quickly from difficulties; the ability to spring back after being bent, compressed, stretched. There’s a word that keeps appearing in my tweets and Facebook feed and it sort of feels like a trendy … Read More

Ever done something that really scared you?

Doing something that scares you is often your ticket to success. I am not talking about the spooky haunted house scary stuff or the Stephen King horror movie, IT. I am talking about scaring yourself—taking the big risk and pushing yourself into … Read More

Drum roll please…

It’s Back! Pink Chandelier is returning for a relaunch event on September 27th…. You may have attended an event or heard the buzz about Pink Chandelier and the inspiring gatherings of creative women, entrepreneurs, artists, women with ideas and opinions. If not, … Read More

It’s not any easier, part 2

If you read my last blog, I shared how every change begins with a transition, and I offered three practical ways to navigate the inevitably chaotic time of transition. Here’s a little refresher:   Create rituals : acknowledge your transitions by doing … Read More

How to Thrive in Transitions

Wondering how to thrive in transitions? I know you can approach change with grace and steadiness. Last week, I made an entire room of intelligent, beautiful women really mad at me… How? Well, I was invited to speak at a women’s luncheon … Read More