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Why I Love McDonald’s

I love McDonald’s. (Yes, I said it.) I have spent a lot of time in McDonald’s restaurants, talking to managers, owner-operators, customers, working to understand their process and what they thought could improve, and I even spent a day behind the counter, … Read More

Keeping Your Instrument Tuned

When I was acting full time, care of my body and voice were a key part of my career success and lifestyle. This focus on a finely tuned instrument (a body well cared for) empowered me to exude a vibrant vitality that … Read More

My Most Negative Post Ever

Are you a “cup half full” or “half empty” kinda person?  Or maybe you’re a “Thank God there’s something in it!” (especially if it’s coffee) There are people on this earth that naturally lean towards a positive attitude, assuming the best of others.  … Read More

Be Here Now

My first acting teacher taught me the incredible importance of proper preparation before stepping into the life of a character and proper preparation started with being PRESENT.  One exercise we did before the start of each class was called “Personal Inventory” which … Read More

How to Talk About Yourself

As an actress, my career by nature put my talents on display. But like many women, I am not always comfortable stepping forward and taking ownership for my own contributions, making the work I’ve done known to others.  Do you ever struggle … Read More

How to Create the Perfect Pitch

Do you have an interview or networking event coming up? It’s time to stop worrying about your elevator speech and follow these three tips for the perfect pitch. Did you know that the average person has an attention span of 7 seconds? … Read More

Confidence Defined

What is confidence? Why do some people enter a room and radiate a stage presence, a grounded-ness, while others walk in a room unnoticed? Recently, I spoke with a group of women leaders in the healthcare industry as they were beginning a … Read More