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Learning to Love Yourself Just as You Are

What if your life didn’t have to be so hard? What if it could feel effortless and joyful? And what if you could learn to love yourself even when you don’t like yourself? In our conversation, I explored these possibilities in a … Read More

Keys to Honing Your Social Intelligence

“I will never understand people! They’re the worst.” (Recognize that Seinfeld quote?) 86% percent of employees cite lack of collaboration and ineffective communication for workplace failures. (AKA People Problems.) And we’ve all felt this way, right? In my work with corporations and … Read More

Stop Making Yourself Small

Are you playing small or living big? And more importantly, are you striking a healthy balance between the two? My guest on episode 52 of She Made It is Danielle Benett Simmons, a poet who has performed and taught around the world. … Read More

The Morning Routine That Changed My Life

The one thing that has changed everything for me in the last year: A consistent morning routine! And to be honest with you, I’ve never liked routine, but I’ve found one that I can’t live without. And no, I don’t mean writing … Read More