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If You Feel Afraid of Missing Out on Life

My content marketing manager, Clara, is guest-blogging for us again today! I hope her words help you embrace gratitude in this season. On my first day on the job at Elle Zimmerman World Headquarters (also known as our perfectly lovely office in … Read More

Midlife is the New Middle School

I watched Eighth Grade written and directed by Bo Burnham this past weekend with Mirabelle, my daughter who has successfully survived middle school and is now navigating her next journey as a freshman in high school. Eighth Grade is about an introverted … Read More

A Perfectionist’s Surrender to Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is the antidote to so many negative feelings that we have toward ourselves. In my case, it was perfectionism. “You’re so intense.” “Slow down.” “How do you keep up with yourself?” “You have a ton of bandwidth.” “Yikes! Calm down.” I’ve … Read More

How to Make the Perfect Creative Space

Wondering how to make a creative space? The secret lies in noticing how environments affect you—and acting on it. This past summer, I spent two weeks subletting a friend’s apartment in NYC. Although I LOVE the city, the place I lived for … Read More

The Art of Consistency

Do you ask yourself why you can’t stay consistent? It’s time to say goodbye to perfectionism and hello to daily commitment. I’ll never forget a life-changing flight I took from Charlotte to San Diego. I was sitting next to two men traveling … Read More

Need Inspiration? Don’t Do Anything.

Need inspiration? Slow down and try being idle. Inspiration and creativity come when we make space. Today, I give you permission to do nothing. That’s right: absolutely nothing. Life in 2018 is filled with too many things that feel like doing nothing: … Read More

Do you have a yearning in your gut? I did…

Have you lost creativity and don’t know where to find it? Do you know you’re supposed to be doing something more but you don’t know what? Let’s uncover the reasons why. Maybe it’s nudging you; gnawing at you… it’s the dull ache … Read More