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Midlife is the New Middle School

I watched Eighth Grade written and directed by Bo Burnham this past weekend with Mirabelle, my daughter who has successfully survived middle school and is now navigating her next journey as a freshman in high school. Eighth Grade is about an introverted … Read More

Motherhood on Autopilot

I never thought I would experience motherhood on autopilot, until this happened. Recently, I shared a story with my team (I even hesitate to go on to share it with you here…gulp).  It’s about a hot, August day when something happened to … Read More

My Kids are Growing Up, and So Am I

In the blink of an eye, life changes, and it’s often not until we look back that we realize how much it has. My kids are growing up. We’ve change. It’s when we are stepping into the next stage of life that … Read More