Elle Zimmerman is a certified Enneagram coach who specializes in helping you maximize executive presence, presenting skills, team dynamics, and personal fulfillment.

Executive Presence and Influence 

Social and Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Interpersonal skills, Confidence, Presentation Coaching, Difficult Conversations, Personal Image, Networking

This is for you if you….

  • Ever feel invisible or overlooked
  • Struggle to influence or motivate others
  • Feel social anxiety or performance anxiety
  • Want a second chance after a flopped first impression
  • Wish you could express yourself better
  • Lack fulfillment professionally

You don’t have to be born with amazing charisma and people skills to master them. With decades of experience in the performing arts and corporate speaking, Elle is a master of helping you show up in EVERY situation as YOU—authentic, elegant, fully present and powerful. 

Elle will coach you to successfully…

  • Present yourself with confidence and credibility
  • Navigate difficult conversations with grace
  • Position yourself and your expertise so that people lean in to listen
  • Communicate your pitch to maximize networking experiences
  • Find the root cause of your communication issues, or why you feel inauthentic in how you show up
  • See all angles in team dynamics and interpersonal relationships
  • Practice and role-play conversations or presentations
  • Learn the basics of body language, posture, gesture, eye contact and vocal power to build confidence and exude executive presence. 
  • Master the art of small talk

Working with Elle Zimmerman as a professional coach has improved my interpersonal skills by 100%.  I am so glad that I invested in myself with a true professional like Elle— she is great to help uncover root cause for challenges in communicating effectively, and her strategies to resolve the issues provide immediate results.  Elle is a part of my permanent professional and personal development plan!

— Jen Vallarautto, Global Account Manager – Panduit

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Enneagram Coaching

Self-awareness, increased compassion, celebrating strengths, recognizing weaknesses, stepping into the fullest version of yourself. 

This is for you if you…

  • Wish you could show up as a more authentic version of yourself
  • Feel stuck and are ready to reach new levels of success
  • Struggle to control your reactions and lose control in front of others
  • Desire more joy and fulfillment
  • Feel trapped in resentments and frustration
  • Struggle to connect with others as deeply as you want to

Self-awareness leads to transformation. The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types, combining ancient wisdom with modern psychology. It’s a tool to help you know yourself and understand others better, and Enneagram coaching with Elle will give you clear paths to thrive and evolve to the best version of yourself. 

Elle is certified in both The Enneagram in Business and is pursuing a certification in the Narrative Enneagram.

Elle will coach you to successfully…

  • Uncover blind spots that may be keeping you stuck
  • Celebrate your strengths and what makes you uniquely you
  • Find triggers and motivations that are working under the surface
  • Make strides in your life toward what brings you joy
  • Deepen your relationships and grow your compassion for others

How Coaching Works: 

  • Typing  – An in-depth combination of assessments, conversation and self-reflection to determine your type—or if you already know your type, a process to confirm and determine your subtype and dominate wing
  • Enneagram Overview fully personalized to you
  • Ongoing personal/professional development with Elle through the lens of the Enneagram

There are lots of ways to implement this kind of coaching: 

  • Family typing (The Enneagram is a great parenting tool!)
  • Team typing (You’ll be able to play on strengths like never before.)
  • Relationship typing—couples, best friends, siblings (You’ll finally get inside each other’s heads!)

Building Better Leaders, Building Better Teams

Productivity, Collaboration, Delegating, Boosting Retention, Communication, Leadership Development

This is for you if you…

  • Lead a team of 3-15 people
  • Want to avoid patterns of dysfunction and competitiveness
  • Find that personality differences are getting in the way of work
  • Value authenticity in team communication
  • Want to level up your team culture to boost retention
  • Need better numbers  (AKA, results!)

Teams work better together and have higher levels of productivity when members of that team are connecting in a genuine way—without pettiness, competition or miscommunication. Using the Enneagram as a tool to help individuals understand their own motivations and the motivations of their fellow team members, Elle will increase your team’s effectiveness and break down barriers to allow better functioning.

Elle will help teams to…

  • Develop effective communication 
  • Understand each other’s motivations
  • Become aware of everyone’s genius zones and pitfalls
  • Appreciate uniqueness among team members
  • Create cohesion, compassion and acceptance
  • Navigate conflict and stress productively
  • Become more flexible in a changing environment

Creative Uncovery

Dealing with resistances at their root,  pushing past limitations, discovering what you love, developing rituals that bring you joy, creating a life that feels authentic to you. 

We are all intrinsically creative. We were made to make, but for many of us that creativity has been squelched and starved—which can leave us feeling disconnected, unfulfilled and lacking. Elle’s signature program, Creative Uncovery, will guide you to become who you’re created to be—the most authentic, confident, expressed version of you.

This is for you if you…

  • Know there’s something more for your life, but you’re not sure what
  • Are running on autopilot of busyness and feeling empty
  • Have ideas for creative outlets, but have trouble taking action
  • Feel disconnected from yourself and what you love
  • Are dissatisfied with your life as it is

The Creative Uncovery process will allow you to…

  • Reverse the negative beliefs that are holding you back
  • Get in touch with what you love and what brings you life
  • Prioritize and set aside time for yourself (even if you’re crazy busy)
  • Set small, attainable goals so that you feel like you’re moving forward
  • Create a plan for allowing more joy and creativity into your life

“For years I felt like I was on autopilot, going through the motions of life. Coaching with Elle helped me to question some of my limiting beliefs about myself and set tiny, incremental goals that led to bigger transformation. Elle helped me to see my own creativity and potential. I always thought that to be creative, I had to be an artist. Now that I’m not so stressed, I can try more things.  I finally feel like I have the freedom to find myself and not to worry so much what other people think.”

-Krista Klaber, Healthcare Industry Professional

Acting Coaching

With 20 years of acting experience, Elle also provides Acting Coaching! Click here to learn more.