Creative Strategy Days

A day with Elle to turn your ideas into realities.

How it works

  • Schedule a free discovery call with me to make a preliminary plan for executing your genius idea.
  • Briefly describe the challenges you’re facing, the areas you’d like to grow in, or the strategies you’d like to implement.
  • Fill out a questionnaire to help me target your desired outcomes from our time together.
  • Send the survey, along with any other materials or information that will best help me help you, back to me three days before our meeting.
  • I will devote myself to studying your materials and researching your targeted areas of growth so that our time together is as productive and efficient as possible.
  • We connect and strategize, either in person or on the phone, so we can outline solutions to your challenges, develop growth strategies, or goal set.
  • Leave feeling inspired, energized, more informed, and ready to progress toward your goal.
  • Receive a meeting recap with your personalized action plan and survey, including an MP3 recording of our time together.

What I do best

  • Strategizing step-by-step processes to accomplish objectives
  • Identifying priorities and areas of focus
  • Acting as an accountability partner to keep you on target with your goals
  • Providing honest-as-a-best-friend feedback about your plans and ideas to reorient you to your priorities

If you’re interested in a coaching, click here to schedule a discovery call with me.

It was evident from the onset that Elle had taken time to research and understand my overall program and its components. Elle provided honest feedback along with strategies to propel my program forward, and for that, I am truly grateful!

Tina Donovan, M.Ed., LPCC, Discovery Tales CEO