Do you have a yearning in your gut? I did…

Posted on: Dec 14, 2017

Have you lost creativity and don’t know where to find it? Do you know you’re supposed to be doing something more but you don’t know what? Let’s uncover the reasons why.

Maybe it’s nudging you; gnawing at you… it’s the dull ache of discontent when you know there is something more.

I know that feeling… I really know that feeling.  We choose not to hear it, we drown it out and turn away but it is always there, calling you to your purpose.

I have heard so many speak about this yearning and it got me thinking…

How many of you played an instrument, took dance, or now dream of painting, love crafts, or want to act or perhaps sing onstage?  But don’t do it.


We create resistances. Maybe it feels selfish or decadent. We let time, money, age or other people’s needs stop us.

We diminish our talent or level of talent.  We get into what I call comparison-itis, comparing our insides to other people’s outside. We focus on our process versus other’s product and see the many steps ahead of us while focusing on other’s landing spot.

It makes me think of the Pinterest posts showing a beautiful image of a DIY craft, cute cupcake or home décor project juxtaposed with the personal flop of someone’s attempt.  We like to laugh at how far we are from perfect but we don’t laugh when it is something as sacred as our passion or purpose.

We listen to that mean teacher inside of us. We give a voice to the inner critic that tears us down every step of the way. We have lost creativity when we need it most.

I remember when I attended the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM), which was and is the premier program for Musical Theatre in the country.  The Broadway stages are filled with alumni.  Well, it was a cutthroat place to study and two times a year we did ‘boards’ which were the equivalent of a final but the test was a live performance in front of professors, directors, and fellow students.  My very first board almost crushed me completely.  The amount of critical feedback I received put me on overload and to this day I still quote one of my teachers insulting comments about my portrayal as Peter Pan belting out “I Gotta Crow.” She told me my interpretation was “bratty” and my Peter was acting like a  “teenager on an ego trip.” To this day she (who will not be named) is my biggest critic and I allow her to haunt my head!

So then I ask, how many of you wish to follow your creative calling?  (Me, me, me!)

It starts with our beliefs.

We are creations of a Great Creator who gives us spiritual electricity.  Creativity is the natural order of life so it is our obligation to bring forth our creativity and art.

But HOW?

Give yourself permission to let creativity flow through you.  This often starts with prayer, yoga meditation, exercise—basically anything that allows you to let go and surrender to the inspiration. It can start with a simple 10 minutes a day.

Identify your champions by replacing that awful mean teacher with someone who adores, admires, praises and appreciates your talents. Every time the mean teacher enters your thoughts, visualize moving him or her to the side so the champion can enter the space giving you compliments and encouragement.

Fill your well and become discerning with your time and energy – set boundaries and ask yourself “does this fill me up or exhaust me?” Let go of some things and let it be ok.

I believe we are all artists with a unique offering to the world.  Maybe your art is cooking or letter writing, maybe it’s building a business or homeschooling, maybe it’s how you wrap gifts or paint a painting.

St Francis of Assisi said:

“He who works with his hands is a laborer.

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

You are an artist so let the creative electricity flow through you.

I’d love for you to share your art with me- even if it’s still tucked away inside of you. Comment below.

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