Doubting Yourself? How to Believe You’re Enough

Posted on: Sep 13, 2019

Do you find that you’re doubting yourself and the path that you’re choosing?

Or wonder if you’re actually good enough to step into the creative or competitive career field that you dream about?

Do you feel confident in your talents but when it comes down to it, you have trouble asserting yourself at work?

Oh, friend. This episode is for you. (And so is my free guide to Cultivating Confidence from the Inside Out! Click here to access it.)

On today’s episode of She Made It, I’m having candid conversations with not one but TWO women who have navigated those exact questions.

The first woman I’m talking to completely changed her career path from one artistic expression to another and found her perfect niche in the face of self-doubt, and the second woman I’m talking to chose to step into her dream job—even though it felt scary and less secure.

And here’s what I really love about this episode: These two women are sisters!

You’ll hear from visual artist Hannah Cunningham who is the senior illustrator at a firm in Manhattan and performing artist Esther Cunningham who is a professional actress and arts educator about how they found their paths and discovered who they are as artists.

Their philosophies are so different (which is fascinating since they grew up in the same home), and I know their journeys will help you move past self-doubt discover your artistic identity, too. Listen in to hear:

  • How Hannah knew that she should choose one career she was passionate about over another
  • How to assert yourself as an artist in the corporate world
  • How their parents created an environment that encouraged them to be hard workers and super creative (Moms, you’ll want to hear this!)
  • How a speech impediment almost held Esther back from an acting career
  • The amazing thing that happens when you’re fully present (even if you don’t want to be where you are)
  • The difference between hard work and finding your genius
  • Practical ways to overcome doubting yourself on dark days

I’m so excited for you to hear these incredible stories. You can find this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play.

To see Hannah’s art, check her out on instagram or peruse her website!

And to follow Esther’s acting journey, follow her on instagram.