Drum roll please…

Posted on: Sep 14, 2017

It’s Back!

Pink Chandelier is returning for a relaunch event on September 27th….

You may have attended an event or heard the buzz about Pink Chandelier and the inspiring gatherings of creative women, entrepreneurs, artists, women with ideas and opinions. If not, that’s ok but keep reading. I promise it will be worth it.

Honestly, I didn’t know where Pink Chandelier was going when I first started. But I know that the best way to test an idea is to just try it and see what happens. So I sent out invitations, rented a room, brought in an entrepreneur, and hosted my first Pink Chandelier Party.

It was scary. I didn’t know if the women would show up, how they would respond, or whether they would just think the whole idea was ridiculous. But I was pleasantly surprised — they showed up, they listened, they engaged, and they wanted to know when the next one was!

It got big fast and I slammed on the breaks.  Yep… I got scared of my own success so I didn’t just slow the momentum, the brakes screeched and I literally stopped in my tracks allowing myself to get distracted with busyness and other “important” things.

Ever heard of resistance?  Well, you’re looking at her!

The only fail in failure is the failure to learn something.  Through this, I learned that I get in my own way, I create a roadblock on the path that I am designed to be traveling even if it’s scary.


I am recommitting to my vision and desire to bring together smart, creative and inspiring women who are ready to grow and build into themselves. After a couple years of my own style of hemming and hawing. Pink Chandelier is back!

Now with a new name: THE CHANDELIER PROJECT

[Chan-de-lier] [Pro-ject]


1)  a classy, unique centerpiece that’s feminine but funky, brilliant but transparent, and fragile but strong

2) a collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim

2) a network supporting women who want a creative outlet, women entrepreneurs, and women who enjoy engaging with the brilliant women around them and ready to show up just as you are.

I have a pretty strong “just do it” philosophy but I also have BIG FEAR… fear of failure, fear of success… and that inner chick that whispers in my ear “what if people don’t like me?” Or what if no one listens to my ideas?”

You know what? I can’t wait for my confidence to catch up with my courage so I am just going to move forward and meet myself where I land.

Please join us for the RELAUNCH of The [Chandelier] project – formerly Pink Chandelier.  September 27 pm at 7pm.  More details to follow.