Effortless Decision Making in Entrepreneurship

Posted on: Oct 31, 2019

Is decision making in entrepreneurship leaving you in a constant state of stress and overwhelm? Episode 15 of She Made It will teach you how to trust yourself and spend less time belaboring decisions.

It was a rainy Saturday morning, and we all shook off our umbrellas and entered into the vibrant, bright space that is Scripted Studio in Hamilton, Ohio (just north of Cincinnati.) After letter-pressing our own cards on an authentic 1920s letterpress and talking about the power of thank-you notes, Scripted owner Carrie O’Neal and I took our seats and had an honest conversation about the power of strong female role models, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and trusting our intuition.

Carrie O’Neal is a designer who specializes in logo design, branding, packaging for major brands including Honeywell, Tyson Foods, Dell, American Express and Kroger. She also designs lovely stationery designs for Minted and for her own business, Carrie O’Neal designs, and earlier this year, she opened Scripted Studio, an adorable stationery and gift boutique in Hamilton, Ohio. 

I believe to my core that magic happens in the tender space where women share their stories and support each other, and Saturday morning was no different. The group of women who joined us for our second-ever She Made It Live event were seeking more self-expression and beauty in their lives (and some Saturday morning shopping) and yes—magic happened.

If you were there, you know what I’m talking about. If you missed it, you missed out just a little—but the good news is that my conversation with Carrie is now LIVE on She Made It!

Tune in to episode 15 to hear: 

  • Why Carrie doesn’t worry (just yet) about her profit margin for her shop—she’s taken risk out of the equation!
  • How Carrie makes decisions faster than anyone I’ve ever met (listen in to hear how)
  • What’s been the hardest part of opening a brick and mortar shop
  • The day 18 years ago that Carrie woke up with a full-time job and ended it having resigned, with a baby on her hip and the choice to be a full-time mom
  • Carrie’s advice for a woman who wants to transition into entrepreneurship but feels intimidated by it
  • Why her business strategy doesn’t include networking, cold calling, or elaborate marketing plans. 

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