Finding Time to Create When You’re Crazy Busy

Posted on: Jun 03, 2019

In some seasons, finding time to create is harder than others. Take the month of May, for example. Or having 3 small children. Or working full-time. Or all of the above!

When I talk to women about creativity, the biggest resistance I hear is simply feeling too busy to make something out of nothing.

A close runner-up resistance I hear is feeling unqualified to create, the lie that we’d need experience outside of what we have to really express our hearts.

That’s why I’m so excited about episode 6 of She Made It.

My guest went from a drama teacher to a playwright—completely on accident! And yes, she was crazy busy and felt totally unqualified as she progressed in her journey.

On today’s episode, I’m interviewing Beth Kenniv, founder and artistic director of Inspiring Arts Productions, and I’m picking her brain on the steps she took to write an original musical.

You’ll learn how she combatted all the resistances that told her she couldn’t along the way, her secret to accepting the craziness of being a mom and a creative, and the amazing story of how the musical in her head became an onstage reality.

You’ll also get to hear:

  • How she went from “I don’t write” to penning the script for a full-length musical
  • Beth’s fascinating perspective on the purpose of theater
  • Why you can stop planning, ditch strategizing and be more successful
  • How not setting goals on New Year’s Eve led to her greatest creative work
  • How her original musical became a full-blown theater company
  • Why Beth thinks creative people need impossible deadlines

Beth is one of those friends who I honestly think I could talk to for 24 hours straight.

Seriously—when we see each other in passing, we’ll sometimes give each other a knowing nod and go on with our day because we’re both aware that if we started talking, it would be hours before we stopped.

For your sake, though, we kept this interview to 40 minutes. It wasn’t easy, but you’re worth it to me. You’re welcome!

Jokes aside—I love this episode and the beautiful way in which Beth shares her heart. If you are feeling ready to cast a vision and create your greatest work, check out my free guide to Creating a Meaningful Vision!

You can find my conversation with Beth on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play.

Oh, and be sure to check out Beth’s musical Horizons of Gold here.