From Art to Business: Behind Hosanna Revival Founder Katie Guiliano’s “Overnight” Success

Posted on: Dec 09, 2019

Ever wondered if you could turn your art into a scalable business? On today’s episode, I’m interviewing artist Katie Guiliano, the founder of Hosanna Revival, which is a rapidly-growing line beautiful hand-painted of Bibles.

Katie started Hosanna Revival in college through Etsy, and today, Hosanna Revival has over 100,00 Instagram followers and has sold over 35,000 Bibles. 

But wait…if these Bibles are hand-painted, how has she managed to ship out 35,000 of them? You’ll get to hear the incredible story of how she scaled a business based on her art on episode 17 of She Made It.

While Hosanna Revival looked like an overnight success from the outside, there’s so much more to the story.

Katie has this amazing tenacity to solve problems and stand firm in her objectives—and also a whimsical, creative side that fuels the heart of her business. The journey from paintbrush to publishing deals wasn’t easy, and Katie shares with us exactly how she did it (and the mindsets that helped along the way) in this episode.  

 Listen in to hear:

      • How she grew her audience to over 100k Instagram Followers
      • The hard decision she made when she realized there weren’t enough hours in the day to hand-paint the orders
      • Practical advice from Katie on how to get in the creative zone
      • The scary moment when she had to come up with $70k in one weekend
      • How she balances making art and leading her business
      • How she won a pitch in front of a big publisher

Speaking of winning pitches, check out my free guide to Sharing Your Story with Clarity and Confidence here. 

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