From the White House to Watercolor Artist: How Kolbie Blume Ditched Perfectionism

Posted on: Mar 01, 2021

Does perfectionism ever hold you back from the life you know you could live? 

Like that maybe if you weren’t such a perfectionist and were willing to make mistakes, you could have your own business, or write a book or start a podcast or make art?

On today’s episode, Kolbie Blume, a White House staffer turned Instagram watercolor artist (@thiswritingdesk) is sharing the secret that gave her the courage to be an artist.

She’s also telling us how she reframed her lifelong relationship with perfectionism, made a huge career shift, and became confident in her own potential—and how you can do the same! 

This episode is so inspiring, and I know you’ll love getting to hear Kolbie’s story. Listen in to hear: 

  • How Kolbie went from thinking she wasn’t an artist to being a watercolor artist with 100k + Instagram followers
  • Her fascinating first career in the White House and why she’s an artist now
  • Her mindset-shifting perspective to get past your own perfectionism and self-doubt
  • What it felt like for her to “venture into the wilderness” and how you can find your path when everything feels unclear
  • How to wake yourself up to your own potential

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