Getting Out of Your Stay-At-Home Rut

Posted on: Oct 19, 2020

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut—like you’re living the same day over and over, feeling less joy than you used to, looking in your closet and finding nothing to wear or looking in the mirror and feeling disappointed?

Working from home and living through a pandemic will do that to you—and you’re totally not alone in any of that!

I think you’ll really love my latest podcast episode. 

My guest on episode 33 of She Made It is going to teach us how to make ourselves a priority, get out of our work-from-home ruts, and yes…feel pretty!

Alison Lumbatis is a wife, mom of three, and the founder of Get Your Pretty On, an online style platform. Her goal is to help all women feel confident by being the go-to resource for style inspiration and beauty advice. 

Get Your Pretty On reaches almost three-quarters of a million visitors annually in 200 countries worldwide and inspires a global community of women to embrace what makes them feel their best.

In our conversation, Alison shares the raw and real behind-the-scenes story of how Get Your Pretty on began, and how you can make how you feel about yourself a priority, starting today.

You’ll also get to hear: 

  • How what we wear can affect our mental health
  • How to shop smarter and pick your outfits quicker
  • The real life story of how Alison went from living in yoga pants to being a leading style coach
  • Alison’s advice for entrepreneurs who are just getting started
  • How to overcome overthinking
  • How to create a manageable, effective morning routine

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