Honoring the Women Who Paved Our Way – A Conversation with the Cast of Gloria: A Life

Posted on: Feb 27, 2020

Photo Credit: Heather Powell

What if the resistances and insecurities you’re dealing with aren’t coming from inside of you, but are actually coming from the world you’re living in and what it tells you about who you are as a woman? On the podcast She Made It, we often talk about the internal resistances that hold us back from creating and living a fully authentic life—but we rarely talk about the external resistances that exist in our society that may prevent a woman from realizing her full potential. 

So on today’s episode, you’ll hear from ten fascinating women who are sharing their reflections on the F-word: Feminism. These women are the cast of Gloria: A Life, a play that’s being put on by the Human Race Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio—a production that I’m honored to be assistant-directing!

The play tells the life story of Gloria Steinem, a journalist and activist who is known as the primary voice for the women’s empowerment movement.  The movement grew through what Gloria called “talking circles” where people gathered to tell their personal stories, share what is not working, listen to each other, and take action to make real change.  

After each show, I’m moderating a talking circle with the audience, and today’s episode is a talking circle with the 7-person cast of GLORIA, featuring Jennifer Johansen, Burgess Byrd, Eileen Earnest, Sherman Fracher, Andrea Morales, Aurea Tomeski, and Rae Buchanan; along with our fearless director, Marya Spring Cordes, plus me and Clara.

This incredible cast is multi-generational and multi-ethnic in order to play the scope of powerful women who led the movement during what is called the second wave of feminism.  We don’t acknowledge enough these women who paved the way for us to “make it,” and you’ll get to hear about brave women from history that show up in Gloria: A Life and what they mean to the actors who get to portray them. Here’s where our conversation got real— we talked about our personal experiences along with the unspoken expectations and challenges passed down through generations to women.

We also shared about our creativity, the female experience,  what can hold us back, and how we must all empower and encourage one another, and I’m honored to share it on She Made It. 

Tune in to hear: 

  • The stories of women you’ve never heard of who were instrumental in the feminist movement
  • Why it’s okay if your relationship with  feminism feels complicated
  • Ten women’s perspective on why the women’s movement matters for us today
  • The external resistances that exist in society that hold women back (but that we sometimes don’t even notice)
  • What women face as creatives (that men often don’t)
  • What needs to change in the theater world to be more pro-woman
  • Vulnerable conversations with women about their own stories of empowerment

Regardless of what you think of feminism, I know this episode will inspire and enlighten you as it brings to light the common path we walk as women. (And if you’re feeling inspired to step into a more confident, bold life as a woman—click here to access my free guide to Cultivating Confidence from the Inside Out!)

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