How Alessandra Marconi Created Her Own Opportunities During the Pandemic

Posted on: Jun 14, 2021

Creating art prolifically and showing up for opportunities confidently is hard. 

As we wade into new endeavors, fear shows up like clockwork.

And yet, some people seem to do it with ease.

How? On episode 47 of She Made It, we’re answering that question with artist Alessandra Marconi. 

During the pandemic, she went from being the dance supervisor on HAMILTON’S touring Broadway production to her family’s farmhouse in Ohio—and this is the story of the opportunities she made for herself and the practices she cultivated to stay creative. 

She’s also been in ABC’s Dirty Dancing and is appearing in In The Heights, which is in theaters as of June 10th!

Listen in to this episode to hear:

  • Ways you can notice impeccable timing so that you’re ready to say YES to opportunities
  • How to learn to like networking even when it feels intimidating
  • How Alessandra used her resourcefulness to create opportunities for herself when the world was shut down
  • How to unlock what your fear really means 
  • Practices you can implement to move through your resistances
  • Keys to overcoming overthinking

Alessandra’s wisdom will help you to tune into yourself, understand your fears on a deeper level, and create your own opportunities, too.

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