How Amy Kirk Connects with God Through Creativity

Posted on: Jun 01, 2021

Do you ever find yourself saying any of these things?

“I’m too busy to connect with God”

“I have kids and no time to pursue my passion” 

“I just can’t do it all.” 

This episode shares a unique perspective on this.

Amy Kirk is an artist with a thriving business, a kindergarten teacher and a mother of seven. (Yup, all at the same time!) And my interview with her was just a delight!

She’s sharing how she makes space for her creativity and how she partners with God to use her art as a form of prayer. She’s also sharing how she grew her following on Instagram and finds joy in each season—even the long ones that feel like a whole lot of waiting. 

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You’ll also get to hear:

  • How a mother of 7 and kindergarten teacher makes time for a full-time art business
  • Finding beauty and patience in the waiting (and trusting God’s timing)
  • How to know when it’s time to charge for your art
  • How to find what you’re supposed to do by “obeying nudges”
  • The power of the word “yet”
  • Keys to organic growth on Instagram and Etsy
  • Turning your creativity into a business that still feels authentic and generous
  • How to find your prayer language, especially if you struggle to quiet your mind

I loved the tenderness of Amy’s story, and I know that it will encourage you to find freedom and purpose in who you were made to be.

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