How BINO Founder Niyah Jackson Gives Up Control in Her Creative Process

Posted on: Nov 12, 2019

Ah, the creative process. It can rob us of sleep, give us energy, make us feel inadequate and allow us to tap into the purpose of our lives.

To be “in-process” is vulnerable. It’s messy. If you’re here, you may feel some twinges of self-doubt when you realize you don’t know how what you’re making will turn out, if people will like it, or if it will all pay off. 

And guess what: This is where the magic is. 

The She Made It podcast is less about MAKING IT (because who really has?) and more about the process of making it every day. 

My next guest, Niyah Jackson, has some amazing insight and wisdom for those of you who are currently in process. (I have a feeling that that might be most of us!)

Niyah is a street apparel designer and creative entrepreneur who is redefining the roles of sustainability and faith in the fashion industry, and on episode 16, she’s sharing with us what it feels like to be right before the launch of her apparel line for BINO—which stands for “Be In Not Of.”

Tune in to hear:

  • How she pivoted from a fashion blog to literally making clothes
  • Why she never understood “fear of success” until this happened
  • Niyah’s strategy for letting go and getting messy in the creative process
  • How she accidentally became a fashion designer (and why she never thought she’d be one) 
  • Why community and not clothing was the inspiration for her fashion line
  • How she leverages social media to create a movement, not just a brand
  • How she pairs her strategic brain with her creative process

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