How Martha Lluch Accessed Creativity to Find Healing and Wholeness

Posted on: May 17, 2021

Illustration Credit: Martha Lluch, Little Raging Warrior

Martha Lluch is an architect, a creative, and a yogi—all at the same time! I had the joy of interviewing her on episode 45 of She Made It. 

This episode is a manifesto on finding yourself, connecting with the truest version of you, accessing creativity to heal the wounds of your past, and finding joy and purpose in each day. (For a free resource on creating purpose in your life, click here to access my guide to Creating a Meaningful Vision, Step-By-Step!)

Martha and I also discuss what it means to integrate all parts of yourself into your work, how to unlock the meaning of our emotions, and healing from trauma.

Here are some gems that you’ll get to hear in this episode:

  • A sign that you may be more creative than you think
  • The power of applying design thinking to your mental health
  • What getting uncomfortable can teach all of us about ourselves
  • How to reconnect with your body and heal from trauma
  • How to harvest information from anxiety 
  • How Martha has found deep purpose in her corporate job 
  • How to integrate everything you love for more wholeness
  • Accessing creativity to heal the wounds of your past

I hope you are as inspired to continue walking out your own journey to wholeness from this conversation as I was!

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To learn more about Martha’s latest endeavor, visit The Little Raging Warrior Project.