How Megan Grote Created A Business to Meet a Profound Need (And How You Can, Too)

Posted on: Mar 15, 2021

I think that most of us have a deep desire to spend our lives doing two things:

  1. Using our gifts in our day-to-day work
  2. Helping others in ways that are meaningful to us and to them

Do these resonate with you? I’m passionate about helping women use their unique talents to help others in the way that only they can—and my next guest on She Made It is an amazing example of a business leader who does exactly that.

Megan Sullivan Grote, founder of With Grace Be Bold created the perfect solution to a hidden, but all-too-common problem. 

When she was a little girl, her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

One design degree later and a passion for impactful design and fashion with a function, Megan created a beautiful clothing line to support women undergoing breast cancer treatment. 

It met a need that had previously been ignored, gave women battling cancer a way to feel beautiful, and Megan was left with a choice to turn it into what is now a thriving business: With Grace Be Bold.

I first met Megan through teaching a class on delivering the perfect pitch for your business, hosted by Aviatra Accelerators. (And Megan’s pitch was INCREDIBLE!) Speaking of which, if you are hoping to launch or grow your personal brand or business, you can get access to my free guide Your Personal Brand: Share Your Story With Confidence. Click here!

She’s sharing how she made that choice and how she has used her gift to meet others’ need on episode 42 of She Made It.

Listen in to hear:

    • How Megan knew that her product could become a business
    • Megan’s process for creating a product that meets a deep need
    • How she got over the hump of being totally intimidated by starting a business
    • The personal story that inspired With Grace B. Bold
    • A new perspective on sales and how you can learn to enjoy it
    • How to keep your creative tank full
    • The only way to tackle something that totally overwhelms you

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