How Melanie Cedargren Turned Her Passion for this Superfood Into a Business

Posted on: Feb 14, 2020

Many of us have that big idea that keeps following us around.

You’re passionate about it. You think about it every day, and the universe won’t stop reminding you about it. Others even confirm it, and tell you it’s a great idea.

You want to trust yourself and take a step into starting a business that lines up with what you really care about—but it feels scary. 

Today’s episode will help! In this LIVE interview with Melanie Cedargren, owner of The Spicy Olive, I’m asking her all about her journey to opening a brick and mortar storefront, what we need to know about the health benefits of olive oil, and how to push past self-doubt.

You’ll also get to hear: 

  • The shocking truth about store-bought olive oil, plus the health benefits of pure olive oil
  • How a vacation inspired Melanie to begin the inspiration for her entrepreneurship journey – which still took a couple of years to materialize
  • The irony of her previous corporate job and the surprising way it prepared her for what does now 
  • How she felt promptings, what she calls “God winks” that led her to starting a business
  • How she pushed past self-doubt when transitioning from being a full-time mom to a business owner
  • Why Melanie says that investing in herself was the reason she knew her business idea was a good one

I loved this episode and learning from Melanie’s expertise on natural healing. You can find this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play