How Ray Nell Jones Turned Her Lowest Point Into Her Life Calling

Posted on: May 03, 2021

Ray Nell Jones went from being a struggling single mother, living paycheck to paycheck to the founder of The Allignment Chapter, a nonprofit organization that meets the basic needs of single mothers so that they can be empowered to create a better future.

She used her pain and turned it into her purpose, and her story is as inspiring as you might imagine. She’s even been featured on Ellen Degeneres! (The video made me laugh and cry. Check it out here.)

Tune in to episode 44 of She Made It to hear how you can find your purpose, get better at asking for help, and use your story to help others in a profound way.

You’ll also get to hear:

  • How to get more comfortable asking others for help
  • Signs that you’re living in your purpose (and signs that you’re NOT)
  • How Ray Nell met Ellen Degeneres
  • The surprising habit that helped Ray Nell get from poverty to abundance (anyone can do this!)
  • How to figure out the best way you can help others

Ray Nell exudes confidence that has allowed her to step into her purpose in powerful ways, and if you want more confidence in your life, check out my free guide to Cultivating Confidence From the Inside Out. 

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