How to Infuse Joy and Freedom Back Into Your Creative Life

Posted on: Aug 01, 2019

What holds you back from making art and doing the things that feed your soul?

Having a busy job that doesn’t allow you time to create?

Lingering perfectionism that tells you your work isn’t good enough to put out into the world?

For all of us who want to step into our creativity more but feel held back by commitments, fear or perfectionism, my interview with ceramics artist Bethany Thomas on episode 10 of She Made It is encouraging in so many ways. 

She went from a ceramics art student to a ministry leader and back to the pottery wheel—and I love her story because she exemplifies the fluidity of a free and creative life. 

We’re talking about how to stop running from imperfection and embrace it instead, what it means to speak the “language of creativity” and the power of giving yourself grace in seasons of burnout or transition. (Speaking of which, here’s a link to access my free Guide to Graceful Transitions!)

In this interview, you’ll get to hear things like:

  • Why you have permission to move on and try new things if you feel burned out
  • The reason why imperfection fuels art
  • What it means to speak the language of creativity
  • How Bethany broke past feeling like her art wasn’t good enough to put “out there”
  • How an event at a coffee shop forever changed her perspective on perfectionism

And here’s a fun fact: Bethany just gave birth to the greatest creative endeavor of her life thus far—a baby girl!

You can find this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Play.

Follow Bethany’s art account on Instagram here, or check out her website.