How to Let Go and Transition Gracefully Into a New Calling

Posted on: Jul 02, 2019

Have you ever felt the nudge that it was time to make a big transition—even a transition away from something that you love?

My guest on episode 8 of She Made It has an amazing story about a very abrupt transition in her own journey.

She went from a principal ballerina with the Cincinnati Ballet to a mom of two babies—in less than two years!

On today’s episode, I’m interviewing Abby Morwood. You’ll get to hear her unconventional journey to ballet, what it’s really like to be a prima ballerina, and how she made the transition from full-time dancer to full-time mom with grace.

Her story is unique because her faith informs all the decisions she makes, which allows her to be peaceful in the midst of major transitions.

As an actress who always had dreams of being a ballerina, this interview with Abby was so fascinating for me! Listen in to hear:

  • What it’s really like to be a world-class prima ballerina (scroll down to see incredible photos of her dancing)
  • The bold step she took to live out her faith in the ballet world (I couldn’t believe she did this as a teenager!)
  • Abby’s secret to avoiding burnout and staying passionate about ballet 
  • Why you can grieve a transition and simultaneously have no regrets
  • Abby’s true calling and mission that’s much deeper than ballet
  • How she finds significance and creativity in parenting two young children

When it comes to following your creative heart or listening to what God is calling you into, a transition always happens. If like Abby, you’re sensing that it’s time to pivot, you can download my Guide to Graceful Transitions here.

You can find this episode on Apple PodcastsSpotify and Google Play! And you can check out Abby’s guest blogging on faith and motherhood here.

As promised, here are some of the gorgeous photos of Abby dancing:

Photography by Peter Mueller and Jeff Corcoran for the Cincinnati Ballet

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