If You Feel Like You Have No Time, Try This

Posted on: Aug 15, 2019

Self-care has become such a buzz-word recently.

But I know that in some seasons of life, you may literally have no time to focus on yourself. I’m here to say that that’s okay—as long as you embrace a few key mindsets.

While I totally believe in taking time to check in with yourself and do the things that bring you joy, I also know that the reality for busy women is that self-care can feel like a burden when life moves at a relentless pace—especially at this time of year when summer is winding down and back to school is ramping up.

In the last solo episode of my podcast, I gave you permission to create and take time for you.

But in today’s solo episode, I’m getting real and explaining the flip side for when you literally don’t have time.

I’m the mom of three teenagers, and sometimes, even though I take my own advice and batch my tasks, dabble in art, and moodle on possibilities, I still run out of time and feel like I’m losing my mind. (And definitely my ability to wash my hair regularly.) 

But I have found the secret to being at peace and to not FEELING crazy busy—even when I am. And I’m so excited to share it with you.

On this episode you’ll get to hear: 

  • Why a baby bunny totally threw off my work day (no joke.)
  • How to navigate through the loaded, extra crazy busy seasons of your life
  • The key to setting your focus in the midst of chaos
  • The way to give yourself a break (and not feel guilty about it)
  • A perspective shift that will help you better appreciate the season you’re in right now

Whether or not you have kids, the seasonal transition from summer to fall affects everyone, whether that’s because there’s a different energy or because we’re all still influenced by our childhood rhythm of summer and school.

In busy seasons of transitions, whether they’re tied to the seasons or to metaphorical seasons in my life, I think of transitions as jumping from one cliff to another. 

As you approach the gap between the two, you have to focus on running and building up momentum—you can’t stop to smell the flowers as much or sit and meditate.

But once you take your brave leap, you will make it to the other side. The running, the newness and the chaos will not last forever.

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