My Next Step

Posted on: Feb 11, 2019

Several years ago, I had a vision: A place where women could come to listen to the story of one woman who had turned her passion into her life calling. It would inspire them to believe that they could bring their own gifts into the world in unique and beautiful ways, and it would provide a network of support and encouragement as women stepped into their own creative life purpose.

Some of you may remember the first iteration of this vision: It was called “Pink Chandelier,” and I hosted several events in the small businesses of incredible women. They had founded coffee shops, curated an art gallery, or run a photography business.

It was a huge success and started building momentum, but my gut told me that this could reach more women if it wasn’t isolated to a physical space in Cincinnati, Ohio.

By this point, I had met successful women across the country who were struggling with the same things women in Cincinnati were struggling with. They felt like they were built for more, like there was something missing in their lives—and some were even feeling creatively starved. Actually, my desire to start Pink Chandelier in the first place came out of my own desire for more.

Yes, I was building businesses and making things, but I wasn’t answering the calling within to truly express my heart. And I realized that even though I had been my own boss all this time, I wasn’t bringing my unique gifts into the world.

So I started singing in the car more. I traveled across the world to Bali for a yoga retreat. I started writing more. I even started painting!

And I started Creative Uncovery, a facebook group for women who know there’s something more that they’re supposed to be doing, but they’re still trying to figure out what. I led my wonderful group members through The Canvas Project, A 3-month journey of daily creativity.

I’m walking toward what continues to fill my heart and what helps others as they step into (or wonder if they should step into) their next thing.

My next thing combines the best of Pink Chandelier and all that I’ve learned on my own journey. It’s a place where many women come to be inspired by the story of one woman. But it’s not a physical place. I’m announcing my newest project next week! Keep an eye on your inbox for my announcement.