Navigating Transitions When You Have No Clue What Will Happen Next

Posted on: Jun 30, 2020

What’s next? For any of us? How do we make a transition into our next thing—or into the next phase of a pandemic—when none of us has any idea what’s going to happen in the coming days? 

We are living in such a unique time of history, and we are smack dab in the middle of the experience, the unknown, the uncertainty. Things are changing around us, and day to day we are assessing and evaluating how to respond – and the questions keep changing.

Do we go visit relatives and hug them? Do we invite friends into our home? Do we go out to eat?  Do we dare? And then there’s the whole mask debate. 

And on top of that, we have an increased awareness of social justice issues all around us.  

I strongly believe it is our generation’s privilege to live smack dab in the heart of the healing of our country’s heritage of racial injustices.  We have the power to make a lasting change if we take our part in the revolution—take our part in the transition.

I actually did a live webinar with a therapist about finding our part in the revolution. We talked about how the revolution starts within and how we can each find our lane. 

But none of this is easy. Believe me, I’m sitting with you in the heaviness of all of this!  The uncertainty and the waves of existential dread can wash over me, and I am guessing you feel them too.  

So, episode 30 of She Made It is about navigating the chaos of transition and change—especially when we have no idea where it’s all going or what even the next thing is. 

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