Elle takes the skills she developed on stage as an actress and funnels them into her interactive, energetic programs. Specializing in the topics of leadership, transition, and entrepreneurial development, Elle breaks down barriers and prepares audiences to engage and explore.

Elle has worked as a professional spokesperson, assisting clients by bringing their products to life and helping companies to educate the next generation of employees by being featured in training videos.  Appearing in numerous television commercials, industrials, and voice-overs prepared her to work well with large corporate audiences as well as small group settings.

Take Center Stage with Your Leadership Skills

Empowering your team to do their best work is the only way you can truly measure success. And that means cultivating a workplace culture where leaders are fully present and willing to authentically engage with others. Drawing on over 20 years on the professional performance stage, Elle Zimmerman’s intriguing presentation brings proven acting techniques to help today’s leaders maximize their team’s’ unique talents by using powerful leadership principles rooted in real-world corporate scenarios. Participants will walk away with improved communication skills and the essential tools to lead and build better teams.

The Secrets of Developing Your Executive Presence

Think you need to be born with charisma in order to lead? Not so! Learn how to capitalize on your unique abilities to become an irresistible draw to those around you.In this powerful and engaging presentation, Elle Zimmerman will help you build your stage presence and confidence by using proven tools from the professional stage adapted for the boardroom. Discover how to banish insecurities and stage fright so you can walk into your next meeting and be noticed, with everyone hanging on your every word!

How to Give a Powerful Presentation: The Top 5 Pitfalls of Public Speaking

Did you know that your presentation skills will affect your income and career track? If you want to be a dynamic and magnetic speaker, you need to learn the proven tools and formula that will help you ace any speaking engagement. As a veteran speaker and spokesperson in the commercial and corporate world, Elle Zimmerman draws on over 20 years of experience to help you overcome stage fright, perfect your use voice and gesture to capture attention and thrill audiences with your compelling performance!

The Perfect Pitch: How to Develop a Lightening-Fast Story That’s Captivating and Memorable

The average person has an attention span of 7 seconds. So how do you make a strong first impression and stand out in the clutter of background noise? Learn to deliver a powerful pitch that tells a compelling story in the “blink of an eye.” In this fun and interactive presentation, Elle Zimmerman will share with you her proven formula for developing the 3 key components of an effective pitch and how to communicate yours with style.

The New Normal: How to Confidently Manage Change

Change is constant and inevitable (whether we like it or not), so why not embrace it gracefully? The first step is to understand the value of transition and learn to interpret it wisely. Join Elle Zimmerman, veteran corporate speaker and leadership coach, as she walks you through the 2 main types of workplace transitions, the 5 keys to navigating any transition, and the tools to help you eliminate the fear that change can bring.