Spoken-Word Artist Jinahie on Braving the Uncharted Path of a Creative Life

Posted on: Jan 14, 2020

“The path is not made clear by thinking about what step to take, the path is made clear by walking.”

– Jinahie

On this episode of She Made It, you’ll get to hear a conversation I had with Jinahie, a therapist and spoken-word artist.

Jinahie has this visionary perspective on the power of a personal creative practice to heal us and empower us both individually and collectively. Jinahie and I are talking about how to surrender to the process, the story of how she became an accidental artist, healing through self-expression and what to do when you don’t can’t see the path. 

You’ll also get to hear: 

  • What to do when your life path feels unclear (This will be so helpful for any of you who are feeling ready to make a transition)
  • An excerpt from one of Jinahie’s  spoken word poems 
  • The story of how she fell into spoken-word “by accident”
  • How she finds stories (this one is hilarious)
  • What Jinahie does every day to keep the creative juices flowing
  • Why self-care and self-love aren’t selfish (and why they matter so much)

A little background on Jinahie: She tours nationally and has performed at TEDx, Sundance, and the United Nations. We found her when my co-host Clara met her at the Story Conference in Nashville in the fall of 2019, and Clara immediately knew that she had to be a guest on the show!

I like to think of this episode as a pep-talk for your creative soul. You won’t want to miss it! You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play


Quotes we loved from Jinahie:

“Performance has taught me that truly it’s not perfection that attracts people or grips people. It’s the willingness to be vulnerable—the willingness to be authentic.”


“There is so much suffering in the world but there’s also so much space to transform pain into power.”


“We so often think that artists flex their creative muscle and art comes out, but truly art is a discipline.”


“Even self-care and self-love is a revolution.”


“If you’re not doing something every day to feed your work, then you’re not doing the work.”


“The path is not made clear by thinking about what step to take, the path is made clear by walking.”