The Counterintuitive Key to Overcoming Insecurity

Posted on: Apr 23, 2019

We all have it: that one thing about ourselves we wish we could change.

We spend a lot of energy overcoming insecurity by seeking to eliminate those things we don’t like.

But what if overcoming insecurity looks less like trying to lose the traits we hate and more like embracing them?

And what if that thing—whether it’s your appearance, your personality, or your working style—is actually the thing that sets you apart from the crowd and creates your niche in the marketplace?

That’s one of the huge takeaways from my conversation with NYC photographer Madison Must on episode 2 of my podcast She Made It.

She turned what she thought was her weakness into her biggest strength, moved from Cincinnati to the Big Apple and brought her blossoming photography business with her—all at 19 years old.  I love her emotive, natural style of photography (yes, she took the picture above! You’ll get to hear the story of this “styled shoot” in the podcast). But I love her story even more.

Tune in to hear:

    • How she went from a high school student to a sought-after wedding photographer in less than 3 years
    • How she copes as an introvert in the city that never sleeps
    • Her genius strategy for networking with local artists (you don’t have to be a photographer to learn from these tips!)
    • The magical thing that happened when she had a bold, risky idea and then just asked
    • How to pay attention to what brings you energy to find your calling
    • How to use Instagram to grow your creative business
    • Why she believes that there really is work for everyone even in a saturated market

I had the pleasure of working with Madison for a couple of lifestyle photoshoots this past year, and I immediately felt like I was in the hands of an artist. (You can check out some of those pictures on my Instagram!)

Madison’s journey is proof that intuition is the best business coach and that when you align your life with your dreams, things really do start to fall in place.

Listen in to hear her story on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play!

Also, be sure to check out Madison’s website here or follow her on Instagram.