The Morning Routine That Changed My Life

June 29, 2021

The one thing that has changed everything for me in the last year:

A consistent morning routine!

And to be honest with you, I’ve never liked routine, but I’ve found one that I can’t live without.

And no, I don’t mean writing my to-do list, drinking coffee or even working out (even though I do those things.)

Here’s what I do each morning:

Transcendental Meditation – 20-25 minutes of stillness to tune in with myself

Gratitude practice – I write down what I’m grateful for (which is really helpful since I often wake up feeling gloom and doom) If I can’t come up with anything, I ask what is going right?

Mantra art – This year my mantra is welcoming surrender, so I do some kind of lettering around the word surrender to meditate on the mantra.

Bible study – I use the crossroads app, and I love seeing the reflections on passages from others in my community.

Language of Letting Go App – I pull phrases or quotes from it that I need to be extra mindful of (if you a recovering co-dependent person, I highly recommend this!)

Belief Transformation Autowriting – I learned this through @businessmiracles and for me, it looks like praying through journaling

Hyper-detailed schedule – I plan my day in 30-minute increments because I have a tendency to let other people take over

Writing all of this down makes it seem like A LOT – but it takes me less than an hour.

And I know that had I read this two years ago, I would say “Well, that’s nice, but I could NEVER do that.”

Maybe you’re feeling that too.

2020 provided me with the luxury of a long morning routine and consistent time for myself before work. Before, I was my kids’ personal chauffeur, driving them to three different schools!

And while a morning routine is a luxury, it’s also become a lifeline for me.

Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve seen in myself from having a morning routine:

  1. It keeps me from being too sad
  2. It keeps my intentions and my boundaries clear
  3. It keeps me thinking big picture

If you want to change your life, change your mornings.

If you’re drowning in responsibilities and the priorities of others, carve out time before the day begins to focus just on you.

Whether it’s five minutes or fifty, I promise you will begin to see shifts in yourself and in your life that you never thought possible. 

I want to hear what rituals you can’t live without!

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