The Canvas Project

What is The Canvas Project?

That’s a really great question.

It is born out of a deep desire inside of me to finally listen to the tugging in my gut, beckoning me to step into my own “spotlight” or for lack of better phrasing — my calling.  That may sound hokey (hello inner critic…) but it truly is something that is burning inside me to get out.

So… I decided to embark (originally) on a 2-month journey of self-discovery, creating art, writing, and exploring. Once I shared it with my team, this quickly turned into a year long program.

They echoed the universal calling women have to do more, be more and create. We tend to throw our energy into the passion of those around us, those we love; children, partners, family, friends… and we leave nothing for ourselves.

My goal is to create a fun and fulfilling experience for women to be mindful of their own callings by following mine. I am the guinea pig… I am going to capture and document my journey and at the same time develop a program for others to do the same.

So come along with me and follow me on my path as I guide myself down this road so that I can create a clearer path for you.