What my Best Friend and I Learned About Confidence (That We Wish We Had Known Years Ago)

Posted on: Nov 02, 2020

Confidence Starts Within. It was the title of our latest She Made It Live podcast, and on it, we got real about why confidence is hard and how to cultivate it.

I teamed up with Julie O’Neill, WCPO 9 News Anchor who also happens to be my best friend, and we had a lively, candid conversation that you won’t want to miss—and you don’t have to! We saved the audio recording of the webinar as a podcast. 

I love Julie because of her raw authenticity and sense of humor—and she has great stories from 25+ years in the media industry.

In this episode,  we share how we met, our own journeys with confidence, and how we’ve learned to trust ourselves in industries that can be subjective—and even demoralizing. Listen in to hear:

  • How Julie quickly got over imposter syndrome when she was a young news anchor
  • How to actually change what you believe about yourself
  • The real truth about body image 
  • How to increase your trust in yourself
  • How to cultivate confidence in others
  • A simple (but profound) tip to stop comparing yourself to other women

If you want to grow your confidence, shrink your insecurities, get to the root of what you believe about yourself and laugh with us along the way, listen in!

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