Why Working Out Isn’t Part of My Morning Routine Anymore

Posted on: Jul 07, 2021

Before 2020 happened, working out was the very first thing I did in the morning.

Five days a week, I got up at 5 a.m. and did Beach Body workouts like P90X (only the intense things for me!)  I even did a Triathalon (as you can see from these pictures!)⁠

I would tell you that I exercised because I felt overwhelmed and I had to dispel the energy that had built up in order to be grounded.

But I wasn’t grounded.

Exercise WAS my coping mechanism. I was carrying everyone’s energy and emotions, and physical exertion was how I got those out. (Any other empaths out there who know what I’m talking about?)

When I started doing yoga, the instructor asked me why I was in the class.

When I shared my need to process this extra energy, she said, “Oh! You’re going to have to get soft.”

I had been so focused on exerting energy which led to a tight, toned body (sounds good, huh?) except that I was rigid and constricted and neglecting my spirit.

Now, I spend an hour in mediation, praying, and journaling each morning.

And instead of having toned thighs, I have five journals that I’ve filled with prayers, notes, revelations, and teachings.

Has there ever been anything in your life that you realized you were using as a coping mechanism, as a means of avoiding your true self? Even if it seemed like a good thing.

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