Why You Never Need to Feel Guilty About Taking Time for Creativity

Posted on: Jul 21, 2020

A creative, authentic life doesn’t just happen—it’s the product of setting aside time and letting the art of your heart bubble over into your life. 

My guest on episode #32 of She Made It is a master of that, and she’s sharing all of her secrets! Lori Siebert is a self-proclaimed artistic chameleon—she’s a visual artist who experiments with many styles and mediums, and she also owns Olika Studios, a design firm through which she has licensed her art to influential clients such as Target, Bath & Body Works, Nickelodeon and Universal Studios. 

She’s a living example of what it means to be a thriving artist.

I loved Lori’s episode because she breaks down the life of an artist into manageable pieces and has this gift of making us realize that any of us, If we take time to practice and allow the process to delight us, can become a thriving artist too.

You’ll get to hear invaluable tips from her on….

  • How to find your unique artistic style
  • How to get started as an artist when you have NO idea where to start
  • How to get over guilt for doing things that are just for yourself (I know we’ve all felt this!)
  • Lori’s strategy for landing lucrative licensing deals
  • The power of giving yourself “little assignments” to stay on track.
  • Mindsets for balancing whimsical art and strategic business

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