Work with Me

So: You have a great idea and the expertise to back it up—but you have no clue where to start. Maybe it’s a business that you’re ready to catapult to the next level, a book that’s brewing in your mind, or a program that you know will change lives.

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How a Creative Strategy Day Works

  • Schedule a free discovery call with me to make a preliminary plan for executing your genius idea.
  • Briefly describe the challenges you’re facing, the areas you’d like to grow in, or the strategies you’d like to implement.
  • Fill out a questionnaire to help me target your desired outcomes from our time together.
  • Send the survey, along with any other materials or information that will best help me help you, back to me three days before our meeting.
  • I will devote myself to studying your materials and researching your targeted areas of growth so that our time together is as productive and efficient as possible.
  • We connect and strategize, either in person or on the phone, so we can outline solutions to your challenges, develop growth strategies, or goal set.
  • Leave feeling inspired, energized, more informed, and ready to progress toward your goal.
  • Receive a meeting recap with your personalized action plan and survey, including an MP3 recording of our time together.

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With corporate clients, I:

  • Deliver keynote speeches (Click here to learn how I can make your event amazing!)
  • Architect solutions to engage and energize their culture
  • Develop emerging leaders and improve potential and performance
  • Integrate digital media experiences to sustain corporate objectives
  • Reinforce messaging and instill core values following events

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