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My Next Step

Several years ago, I had a vision: A place where women could come to listen to the story of one woman who had turned her passion into her life calling. It would inspire them to believe that they could bring their own … Read More

Midlife is the New Middle School

I watched Eighth Grade written and directed by Bo Burnham this past weekend with Mirabelle, my daughter who has successfully survived middle school and is now navigating her next journey as a freshman in high school. Eighth Grade is about an introverted … Read More

The Healing Power of Creativity

If you think about it, art is non-essential. We don’t need it to survive—but we do need it to really live. Art can say what words can’t, heal us and expand our consciousness. As my kids begin another school year, I’m reminded again that … Read More

How My Inner Artist Came Out of Hiding

I have always felt like a visual artist in hiding. As a little girl, I felt drawn to creating with my hands. I was fascinated with details and the precision of my work. I made gifts for everyone, partially out of financial … Read More

Why I Need Community to be Creative

Last summer, I abandoned a creative project that I was really excited about.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized why: I needed community to be creative. Did the Road Runner ever crash?  Fall? Get smashed by a boulder? Not that I … Read More

How to Make the Perfect Creative Space

Wondering how to make a creative space? The secret lies in noticing how environments affect you—and acting on it. This past summer, I spent two weeks subletting a friend’s apartment in NYC. Although I LOVE the city, the place I lived for … Read More