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Is Your Self Image Holding You Back?

Most of us, if given the opportunity to change ourselves, could immediately rattle off what we would want to be different, from aspects of our appearance to our personality. Right now, thanks to narrow standards of beauty, self-image is at an all-time … Read More

The Palette of Identity

Remember middle school? Or maybe junior high?  Chances are these times make you cringe as you recall the awkwardness, major body changes and social challenges you faced as you were “coming of age.”  (If you can’t relate, lucky you. Or perhaps you … Read More

The Secret to Prioritizing Yourself

Not sure how to prioritize yourself? It doesn’t start with having more time—it starts with giving yourself permission. Last Saturday, I spent six hours in the morning driving my kids between the ACT, play practice, high school orientation, and the pool. Six. … Read More

Stop Trying To Stick to Something

How do you stick to something? My answer: I don’t, and I stop trying. Feel familiar? If you are like me, you are endlessly searching for the best diet, time management planner, or reminder app to keep on track.  Let it go! … Read More

Do you have a yearning in your gut? I did…

Have you lost creativity and don’t know where to find it? Do you know you’re supposed to be doing something more but you don’t know what? Let’s uncover the reasons why. Maybe it’s nudging you; gnawing at you… it’s the dull ache … Read More

I think I might’ve just been scammed

Let me start at the beginning… I’ve used the same painter for the last 15 years, in fact he painted the entire inside and outside of the last two homes I lived in. I have always been highly impressed by his professionalism, … Read More

Ever done something that really scared you?

Doing something that scares you is often your ticket to success. I am not talking about the spooky haunted house scary stuff or the Stephen King horror movie, IT. I am talking about scaring yourself—taking the big risk and pushing yourself into … Read More

Drum roll please…

It’s Back! Pink Chandelier is returning for a relaunch event on September 27th…. You may have attended an event or heard the buzz about Pink Chandelier and the inspiring gatherings of creative women, entrepreneurs, artists, women with ideas and opinions. If not, … Read More

The Intern Who Only Picked Up Coffee Once

The Zimmerman family and I go way back. My mom tells the story of me as a one-year-old, pointing to my cheeks, waving my hands wildly, and exclaiming “ghee, ghee, ba, ba” (translation: “cheek, cheek, ball, ball”). I was referencing the mime … Read More