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It’s not any easier, part 2

If you read my last blog, I shared how every change begins with a transition, and I offered three practical ways to navigate the inevitably chaotic time of transition. Here’s a little refresher:   Create rituals : acknowledge your transitions by doing … Read More

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I’ve always loved homemade gifts. I think when you make something with your own hands, carefully creating something for another person, you’re giving them one of the richest gifts of all: your time. Last Christmas, I decided to give my family and … Read More

What World Do You Live In?

In the fall of 2016,  I dealt with United States Customs Border Patrol, the USDA, Port of New York Port Director, the Washington DC Program Director for Customs Agriculture and don’t worry, I didn’t do anything illegal. Why did I deal with all … Read More

How to Avoid a Boring Life

I remember when my kiddos were little and days and days would go by feeling like I was in the movie, Groundhog’s Day, wearing the same clothes, doing the same thing.  (WAIT!  I was wearing the same clothes– sweat pants, baggy tshirts … Read More

Guess what I saw in the bathroom

I had a layover in Atlanta on my way to Miami, where I was going to speak with the #BadAss women of Bacardi’s Women in Leadership. I chose to take the 6 AM flight, which meant I rolled out of bed and … Read More

Why I Can’t NOT Workout

Every morning I wake at 5 AM, head downstairs to my basement workout room, and spend the next 45-60 minutes exercising. I’ve been asked many times in the past how can I possibly rise that early?  How can I stay motivated to exercise every day? … Read More