Elle takes the skills she developed on stage as an actress and funnels them into her interactive, energetic programs. Specializing in the topics of leadership, transition, and entrepreneurial development, Elle breaks down barriers and prepares audiences to engage and explore.

She currently speaks on the following topics and is available for virtual or in-person events.

Introduction to the Enneagram: Get to the Core of Who You Really Are

Self-awareness leads to transformation. The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types, combining ancient wisdom with modern psychology. It’s a tool to help you know yourself and understand others better.  Using the enneagram, Elle guides you to identify your type and dominant style that frames your perspective on everything —relationships, communication, personal development, and motivation. She shares an overview of all nine types and their unique driving motivations, how we are all connected and how we can each rise to our potential. You’ll walk away with deepened self-awareness and enhanced compassion for yourself, along with heightened empathy for others.

Great for: 

  • Team building
  • Business and personal development

Creative Uncovery: Unlock Your Creative Potential

Do you feel creatively starved? You are not alone. There is an epidemic of creative desperation in today’s world. Women have become predominantly focused on producing and doing, forgoing making and expressing. But somewhere deep inside, we all know that there is something more for us. It’s a tug, a calling. Elle Zimmerman will help you to answer that calling in a meaningful way through her process of Creative Uncovery. Creative Uncovery isn’t recovering something that has been lost; it’s uncovering something that has always been inside of you.  Whether you want to add creativity into a hobby, a business or meaningful gatherings, Elle Zimmerman will guide you to tune into your innate ability to think and live creatively.

Building Your Personal Brand

Think you need to be born with charisma in order to lead? Not so! In this powerful and engaging presentation, actress-turned-entrepreneur Elle Zimmerman will help you build and communicate your personal brand. Drawing on her years on the professional stage, Elle teaches easy-to-apply techniques to help audiences develop Executive Presence in the workplace. Audiences will learn to banish insecurities, present with energy and make memorable impressions in meetings. Get ready to learn how to capitalize on your unique abilities to confidently answer the question “So, what do you do?”

Change is the New Normal: How to Gracefully Transition

Change is constant and inevitable, both in life and in work, whether we like it or not. Instead of letting change overwhelm us and stunt our growth, veteran corporate speaker and leadership coach Elle Zimmerman helps audiences to navigate change with grace. Learn about the two main types of workplace transitions, the five keys to navigating any transition, and the tools to help you eliminate fear so that change propels you and your business forward.