Here is what Elle’s clients have to say

“Elle knows her stuff inside and out and she always teaches and coaches in the most authentic, humble and beautiful way. There are thousands of great Enneagram coaches and facilitators. I think Elle Zimmerman is the best!”

— Tommy Spaulding, NYT Bestselling Author, Globally recognized Keynote Speaker, and Leadership Expert

“Elle is an engaging and dynamic speaker! Her energy and positivity is infectious.”

— Marlene Gordon, Senior Vice President and Global Chair of Bacardi’s Women in Leadership- Bacardi USA

Stacy Vorhees

“Coaching with Elle has given a brand new perspective, and I always look forward to our sessions. She tells me what I need to hear and guides me to find root problems and become more flexible. Now, I’ve filled the gaps in my leadership style so that I can be the leader my people need.”

— Stacy Vorhees, Owner/Operator – McDonald’s Corporation

Christine Carleton

“Elle’s insight into how our clients can confidently manage the changes they are facing was both informative and engaging. We received great feedback about the event—especially the opportunity Elle gave all of us to discuss the personal challenges we have faced.”

— Christine Carleton, Senior Wealth Advisor – Truepoint Wealth

Cindy Kirschoff

“Elle stands out in a room full of women, and she made us feel like she truly cared and wanted to know us.”

— Cindy Kirchoff, District Sales Manager – HER Realtors

Amy Holyk

“Elle helped me position my message strategically and increased my confidence exponentially. She was an amazing encourager and coach as I started presenting on camera to solidify my industry expertise.”

— Amy Holyk, CEO & Founder – Perfection Snacks

Jen Vallarautto

“Working with Elle as a professional coach has improved my interpersonal skills by 100%. Elle is a part of my permanent professional and personal development plan!”

— Jen Vallarautto, Global Account Manager – Panduit

Caroline Cunningham

“Elle thrives in transforming performances and keynotes and providing strategic insights into launching speaking careers. She simply has a knack for taking something—anything—and making it better.”

— Caroline Cunningham, Deputy Editor – Philadelphia Magazine

Sarah Kleiner

“After coaching with Elle, we won a pitch competition and got 11 solid leads on projects at a conference. The results of working with her are undeniable in our business!”

— Sarah Kleiner, Principal Partner – Envisage Architects

Krista Klaber

“For years I felt like I was on autopilot. Coaching with Elle helped me to question some of my limiting beliefs about myself and set tiny goals that led to bigger transformation. I finally feel like I have the freedom to find myself.”

— Krista Klaber, Healthcare Industry Professional

Aris Yowell

“I learned a lot! You are a serious breath of fresh air.”

— Aris Yowell, Co-Founder – Love Bite

Carolyn Jackson

“We “hit the jackpot” when we found you, Elle. You have just the right mix of humor and meaningful content.”

— Carolyn R. Jackson, Office Systems & Administration – Edison Community College

Nancy Aicholz

“In just minutes she transformed participants from shy and unsure to bold and brave! Her energy lights up a room and her knowledge of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to communicate one’s story is exceptional.”

— Nancy Aicholz, Executive Director – Aviatra Accelerators

Carlin Stamm

“Elle has an infectious high energy that engages and entertains while teaching actionable skills that last long after her presentation is over. Truly a hard act to follow.”

— Carlin H. Stamm, Founder and Principal – Foster Business Development

Carolyn LaMontagne

“Having Elle [speak at our event] was a stroke of brilliance! Great way to kick off the session, push us out of our comfort zones, and get ready for a wonderful experience.”

— Carolyn LaMontagne, Senior Director – Johnson & Johnson

Robyn Harris Thornton

“Elle was such a delightful, and engaging speaker! I couldn’t have had a better keynote speaker. It was an inspiring evening!”

— Robyn Harris-Thornton, IT Senior Analyst – Ethicon

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